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winterize boat

How to Properly Winterize Your Boat

As the warm weather starts to get cooler and the Summer months come to an end, it is time to start thinking about how to properly store your boat. If you don’t properly store your boat and prepare it for Winter, you can end up causing costly damages to your boat. It also isn’t as

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roasting marshmallows

Try a New Melones Lake Marina Cabin Rental

When visiting New Melones Lake Marina, you won’t want the adventure to stop. Spending multiple days at the lake is highly recommended. By taking a several day-long vacation, you are ensuring you will have plenty of time to soak in all the fun activities available to you. After all, taking a vacation is supposed to

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mom cooking fish with her daughter

Top Recipes for Fish Caught at New Melones Lake Marina

After a long day of fishing out on New Melones Lake Marina, it’s hopeful you have caught a bag load of fish. Now that you’re home with all your fish, what to do with them? You may have your classic go-to recipe, but we’ve dug up some good ones you should give a try. All

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fishing with sunset

Father’s Day Wake Weekend | June 14-16 2019

All year long, the father’s work hard for their families to help provide for them and help them grow. One day a year we are given the opportunity to tell them thank you and focus on just dads 100%. What better way to thank your dad for all that he does than a vacation getaway

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