Try a New Melones Lake Marina Cabin Rental

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When visiting New Melones Lake Marina, you won’t want the adventure to stop. Spending multiple days at the lake is highly recommended. By taking a several day-long vacation, you are ensuring you will have plenty of time to soak in all the fun activities available to you. After all, taking a vacation is supposed to be relaxing and stress-free! No one wants to feel rushed during their time away from home. Check out the available cabin rentals offered at New Melones Lake Marina to make your trip that much more enjoyable.

Why Renting a Cabin is Better Than Tent/RV Camping

Perhaps we should start with the reasons why a cabin is NOT better than a tent…we can’t think of any. When it comes to the camping adventure, a cabin is the way to go. Firstly, they are stable structures that will stay upright and dry no matter the weather conditions. You also won’t suffer from those first morning rays of sunshine making your tent into a personal oven. Another great reason for a sound structure is the lack of pests bothering you. Every zip of the tent door allows more critters into your bed. Behold the power of electricity! You can store food easily in the fridge, cook food on a stove, and charge your phone when you rent a cabin. Don’t forget, indoor plumbing is always a much better accommodation over porta-potties or a simple bush.camping in woods with tents

With a cabin, they allow for multiple people to sleep more comfortably for a handful of reasons. One being there are solid, comfortable beds to sleep on as opposed to an air mattress, cot, pad or just the ground in a tent. Cabins also allow for multiple rooms and areas for people to sleep as opposed to everyone sleeping right next to each other. By the end of the night, you are practically sleeping on top of one another. Or you are forced into bringing multiple tents to accommodate for the size of your group. The cost of camping equipment can get quite costly. Another perk is being able to easily organize all your gear within the cabin, while also being able to pack less gear since a lot of cabins come with standard equipment available for your use. There are so many reasons as to why many people prefer renting a cabin. If you have never experienced the adventure of a cabin rental, we recommend you give it a try!

How to Make the Most of a Cabin Rental

When you step away from the normal daily routine it can sometimes be difficult to fill that time. As you begin to plan, prep, and pack for your trip to your cabin rental, you are going to want to remember some key things along with some fun ideas to make the most of your New Melones Lake Marina cabin rental.

What to Pack

store goodsBefore you begin your journey, check the local forecast to make sure you plan accordingly. It’s best to pack for all weather types just in case. If you prefer a certain pillow type or specific blanket, remember to pack it along. Otherwise, your cabin will come equipped with the necessary bedding you can utilize. You will pack for your cabin rental visit just as you would for any other vacation. Make sure you have your medications, clothes, phone chargers, etc. If you happen to forget to pack something, don’t you fret! New Melones Lake Marina has two convenience stores fully stocked for cases such as this. From food and drink items to fishing tackle and bait, down to clothing and sunscreen, we have you covered. Please do not bring your own firewood. You don’t want to risk bringing any invasive species into the area. You can buy your firewood local and not only support the local shops but keep the area safe.

Things to Do

While staying in a cabin, you want to avoid the “cabin fever” and make sure you have plenty planned to do in case of times of boredom. If you happen to have a telescope you will want to bring it. Getting away from the city lights and being able to use a telescope is a whole new eye-opening experience. The vastness of stars will take your breath away. A simple way to spend time is to simply explore the area. Go on a nature hike and soak in the outdoors. Bring along some of your favorite board and card games to play with the family. Some classic outdoor games you could play are:

  • Hide-and-Seek
  • Capture the Flag
  • Set up an Outdoor Bowling Alley
  • Beanbag Toss
  • Horse Shoes
  • Bocce Ball

You can plan an ultimate scavenger hunt as well. Give your group a list of items to find and send them racing off. Whoever wins in the end can be rewarded with the first made S’more! Speaking of food, splurging and eating your food favorites while on vacation is an all-time favorite. Make sure to plan your favorite treats, snacks, and meals to optimize your experience at the cabin. If you need a specialty tool to cook your food, you want to be sure to remember to pack it. The cabins come with standard cooking gear for you to use. Spending time in a cabin at New Melones Lake Marina, we can guarantee you won’t be bored. You can call ahead with any questions you may have such as what all comes equipped in your cabin rental.

Attractions in and Around New Melones Lake

During your trip to New Melones Lake Marina, there are a variety of things you can do while there. You and your family can simply go swimming and enjoy the waters or rent one (or more) of our water toys we have available. Water toys available for you to rent are:man on water skiis

  • Knee Boards
  • Wake Boards
  • Skiis
  • Tubes
  • Surfboards
  • Jet Skiis

We also carry several different boats for your renting use. If you enjoy fishing, don’t worry about dragging along your fishing boat because we have a 14’ fishing boat for rent. From there, our boats just get bigger! We have patio boats that come equipped with a BBQ grill for you to enjoy while cruising the lake. We have speedboats for those adrenaline seekers and party cruisers for the larger groups. Our party cruisers are great for family reunions, employee parties, and even weddings! To ensure you have the rental of your choice, call ahead and reserve your spot. Otherwise our rentals are a first come first served. While visiting New Melones Lake Marina you may want to explore out beyond the lake limits.

Moaning Caverns

moaning cavernClose to New Melones Lake Marina are the Moaning Caverns. The Moaning Caverns are home to the largest single-chamber cave in California. While here you can fully immerse yourself with an expedition tour. During this tour, you’ll explore deep into the cavern equipped with a lighted helmet to show you the way. Or you can try your hand at the Sprial Chamber Tour. During this tour, you’ll be guided to see marble deposits over 165 feet and all the way down as far as 65 feet underground. If you are feeling truly adventurous you can attempt the ten-story spiral staircase leading to a second platform within the chamber. Along with the inside chamber tours, there are outside activities you can participate in as well. Get your adrenaline pumping by trying out the zip line or the climbing wall. For an action-packed adventure for the whole family, you need to check out the Moaning Caverns.

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